Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Manchester State Beach Camping

We really wanted to take the kids somewhere for a few nights to close out the Summer. Having only worked at my job for three months, I had less than a week saved up for time off, so I looked around and found us a place to stay for three nights at Manchester Beach KOA. We rented one of their tiny cabins and headed out Sunday for a family adventure.
Five hours later, we arrived to our little cabin. We unpacked, had a snack and walked to the beach. It was nice to not have to set up the tent. Just made the beds and we were done.
It is important to say hello to cows on the way to the beach. We named this one Percy. 

The next morning we went to the Pt. Arena lighthouse and visited some tide pools nearby. We saw seals and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery.
We then headed to Mendocino to hang out on the beach and visit the sweet town. 
Casey ordered clam chowder wherever we went. He was going to taste as many bowls as possible! This little restaurant had a gorgeous backyard.
Beautiful Mendocino.
 We drove back to camp and enjoyed a quiet evening. The next day we hung out at Manchester State Beach. 
Pedar moved heavy driftwood to set up our camp at the beach.
It's a good thing I don't mind dirty boys.

We enjoyed more chowder before we went back to camp!!
See the hole in Casey's mouth on the left side? He lost a molar the night before.
When we returned to camp, Pedar took the boys to play disc golf and I finished my book and a bottle of wine. Best afternoon ever.
We had a terrific time. The last night we made some friends watched a bit of "Home" while chatting. The KOA had a huge movie screen and ice cream every night. The kids played in the park with kids every day. It was great.
We enjoyed playing dominoes and having a delicious happy hour at our campsite. Big kids and camping is awesome.
Oh yes, we had smores.
It was fun waking up to these sweet faces. Casey talks a lot in his sleep and boy does he move a lot too. Looking forward to not hearing him tonight. Looking forward to not hearing the toddler across the way either or the squirrels scamper across our roof every morning.
Till next time, camping. Thanks for being so good to us.

Camping 2010

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