Monday, September 28, 2015

Five. New. Trees

I love Sunday mornings when we are able to stay in our jammies awhile and move slow and snuggle.
Erik loves to snuggle in the morning. He jumps in with me and most of the time falls right back to sleep. Sweet boy.
After a bit of relaxing on Sunday, we jumped in the truck and headed to Green Acres to buy five crepe myrtle trees. The Green Acres on Jackson had three. I drove to the Roseville location later in the day and got the other two. Oh yes, some perennials somehow wound up in my cart too. I got those in the ground while Pedar worked for hours in the heat planting the trees. 
Man, I wish yesterday was cooler. It was so muggy and hot. 
Great job, Pedar! Thank you for making my vision a reality. 
Erik made clay balls out of the wet clay soil.

All in!! Some day these trees will hide our neighbors solar panels and the other neighbors house. Come on, rain. Come on.
We're coming for you next dead tree and privet area. We have been slowly cleaning this area out and soon it will be a vegetable/fruit tree/chicken coop area. Oh yeah, chickens are coming soon!

We are going to make this unloved, overgrown, dead tree space into something like this.

Last night Pedar took these pictures of the rare red blood moon

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