Thursday, September 24, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Was looking through photos the other day and came across these oldie but goodies. Casey and Jacob in October of 2006. They were almost two-years-old and so adorable. Casey still hadn't had his first haircut. His hair was so fine and wispy. Now, it is like a pelt.
Cheers buddy. I love you, man. Lord knows these two will be toasting to more than apple juice in a few years. It has been pure joy to watch Jacob grow up. We love him so much. I remember the day I saw them pull up to the house next door. I was pushing Casey on the little swing on the porch. I saw them pull Jacob out of his car seat and my heart smiled. I prayed they would buy the house. Prayers answered.
I love you, Melanie. I am so lucky to have you by my side through this Mom experience. You are my constant. You had my heart the moment we met, but when you put a lemon drop on my doorstep, well, I was done for.
 This is the year Pedar tried a goatee. I like him better without the face fur. That's not true, I like him all the time no matter what!
These two will be eleven years old soon. Oh goodness.

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