Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend went way too fast. Always does doesn't it? I was ready to flop into bed on Friday when I got home from work and not wake till Monday, but after an hour at home, I rallied. Saturday morning we headed out to watch Erik in his soccer game. He assisted in a goal and the Vikings won!!
Erik absolutely LOVES soccer. Although this is only his first year playing, he played so much with his friends in Kindergarten, and because of the soccer summer camp, he really understands the game. Casey played for three years and he never loved it like this. It is so much more fun when your kid actually likes the sport. He can't wait to get his uniform on for practice and games. Of course it doesn't hurt that our coaches are crazy wonderful.

Pedar went through a soccer coach training course this summer. He is having a great time helping Erik's team.

We managed to do a bit of yard work, but it was so hot and smoky outside from the fires, that we tried to stay inside as much as we could.  We had Ferno staying with us this weekend. She enjoyed swimming and hanging out with the kids.

We celebrated my Dad's Birthday with a delicious brunch on Sunday morning. Enjoyed spending time with Liam, Lila, Bridget and Chuck.  Margery and Rita left over a week ago to Lithuania for a month to visit with Art's parents. She is sending emails and is enjoying her visit.

Last night Pedar and I went to the Center for Land-Based Learning Dinner on the Farm event in West Sacramento.  Thank you so much to Melanie for watching the boys. They had such a great time at her house!!

I thought we were going to be a little miserable outside in the smoke and heat, but it was a beautiful event and we met some wonderful folks.

Back to it today. Digging deep to make it a great week!!

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