Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Where are you right now?

I just got to soccer practice with Erik. I raced from work to pick up the boys from the dentist. My mom thankfully took them to their appointments for me today. 

When I pulled up to the dentist office, Casey skipped towards me singing, "Erik has a cavity and I don't! He needs to floss more. Mom, you need to make me an orthodontist appointment, OK?"

Sure, I'll get right on that, but now I need to race your brother home, get his cleats and shin guards on and race to practice. Oh you're hungry? Great!

Now we're at practice. Casey is sitting in the front seat of my car doing his homework. His legs are propped up on the dash and he is pushing loud farts out. I am trying to not pinch him. I've already told him to knock it off. He isn't reading the directions for his homework so he is constantly asking me questions. Why does he not read directions? Why?!!!!!!

Practice is over now and I tried to leave but I must have drained the battery while we were sitting in the car so we can't leave. Pedar will come give us a jump. This day will end eventually.

Today is a good day for a good day. I'm not a quitter! I will have a good day damnit. Hope your day is going splendidly!! 

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