Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Learning New Tricks

I decided recently that I wanted to try building a website for DYGC. I have been learning WordPress for work--but I have a long way to go till I am confident. I need to learn more than how to add content and keep up the blog. 

I had already purchased the DYGC domain awhile back, but blogger doesn't allow any flexibility to make changes to the template, etc.  I started with this template/website builder from GoDaddy. You choose a template but then can put your own stamp on it. I am not in love with it, but I have already learned so much from just playing.

The blogspot space won't go away for now. I don't know how long I will want to keep this up and running. I can track who reads this little blog and I know it is very few. I don't have dreams of making a living through this, I just love being able to look back at my pictures and read what we did, from anywhere. This blog has been so soothing for me.

Hope everyone is having a good week!



Monday, October 12, 2015

Cardboard arcade

After the soccer game on Saturday, we went out for a cold treat. It was 95 degrees and that made the 1 p.m. game at a park with no shade (sounds like a sad park, yes?) a jolly good time, Nope! The Vikings tied! They played a great game.
We got home and had thirty minutes before we left to head to the school for Mission's Annual Global Day of Play. We participated in 2013, but we missed it last year. This year we were back with a disc golf game! Learn more about Caine's arcade here.

The "claw" and pool games were very popular!
We had a good time--although we were really ready to enjoy some air conditioning. We got home and watched Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls. We all really enjoyed it!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Furbee Fun

I don't remember how Casey heard about the Furbee toy, but for about two weeks, it is all we have heard about.  They were delivered last night and the boys love them. Casey had to do a lot of extra chores to earn the money to buy his new friend. Erik had money saved, so he decided to purchase one as well. 

When Casey wants something, he draws a ton of pictures of it! 
Yep, there's an App for that. 
They dance to music and say funny phrases. They are funny little toys. I like these funny little guys. Kind of glad we have them.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

It is BOO time!

Start spreading some Halloween magic in your neighborhood! Buy some Halloween treats and place them on your neighbors doorsteps! Shh...don't tell them it was you!

Check out this Boo post from 2011. They were so small. Sigh.
What is Boo-ing?   

It's a Halloween take on "Secret Santa": All you do is secretly leavie small gift bags or BOO baskets, a BOO poem, BOO instructions and a BOO sign at a neighbor's door.
In turn, the neighbor is asked to BOO two others, leading to a chain reaction--and Halloween fun.

To start a BOO, use this free printable BOO kit. It is a one-page poem/instructions sheet, and three different BOO signs to make it easy to start a BOO in your neighborhood.

Print a few copies of the BOO poem and your favorite BOO sign. Add them to a small gift basket, then deliver the BOOs secretly to a friend's doorstep--and watch the BOO signs multiply.
Ready? Set? BOO! Spread some fun today!

No matter what, you will always belong here

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I don't even know what to say right now

"If I share something difficult with you, I'd rather you say, I don't even know what to say right now, but I'm so glad you told me. Because the truth is, rarely can a response make something better, what can make something better, is connection." Brene Brown

Watch this video.

The Power of Empathy

Dr. Brené Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. She has spent the past thirteen years studying vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and shame.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

You gotta have friends

Dr. Jen flew into California yesterday. She is here for a work project and we are grateful to her employer for her flight from Maryland. Her California ladies jumped into their cars after work and met her in Vacaville for dinner. 
We spent a few precious hours catching up. It was so good to hear about what's been happening in everyone's lives. 
We miss you, Jen. We miss you all the time. 
My Dad played Bette Midler all the time on the record player and this was one of my favorites. 

Bette Midler – Friends Lyrics

And I am all alone.
There is no one here beside me.
And my problems have all gone.
There is no one to deride me.

But you got to have friends.
The feeling's oh so strong.
You got to have friends
To make that day last long.

I had some friends but they're gone,
Somethin' came and took them away.
And from the dusk 'til the dawn
Here is where I'll stay.

Standing at the end of the road, boys,
Waiting for my new friends to come.
I don't care if I'm hungry or poor,
I'm gonna get me some of them.

Cause you got to have friends.
Da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, friends.
That's right you, oh you, yeah you,
I said you gotta have some friends,
I'm talkin' about friends, that's right, friends.
Friends, friends, friends.

I had some friends, oh, but they're all gone, gone,
Someone came and snatched them away.
And from the dusk until the very dawn, you know,
Here is where I gotta stay, here is where I gotta stay.

And I'm standing at the end of a real long road
And I'm waiting for my new friends to come.
I don't care if I'm hungry or freezin' cold,
I'm gonna get me some of them.

Cause you gotta have friends,
That's right, friends, friends.
I gotta me my, I gotta me my, I gotta me my,
Look around and see all of my friends.
Oh, friends, that's right, friends, friends,
Friends, friends, friends, friends, oh,
Friends, you gotta have friends...


Monday, October 5, 2015

Art Shop

We had a fun Sunday. We went to St. John's service and enjoyed breakfast with family at Crepeville. We stopped by and visited with Kealii, Claire and Kekoa after that for awhile. We then got home and filled our five green waste bins with Sycamore leaves. The trees are gorgeous, but man, the leaves create havoc on our allergies. 

Casey helped us with the leaves in the front yard. He is trying to earn money for a very specific toy. Oliver and Erik decided to create an Art Shop. They set up tables and chairs and waited patiently for someone to come by. They had HUGE dreams of selling their art for $10. I tried to tell them they should just ask for a donation. The money could go to Juvenile Diabetes  and Pediatric Cancer. They did get two donations, so they were very pleased. It was fun watching the boys work so well together to create art and bring the tables and chairs out. These two buddies are so sweet together. 

Their artwork was really bright and beautiful.
Later, after we closed down the Art shop, Pedar made delicious steak salads and we took Curly on a walk around the neighborhood. We then just cleaned up and prepared for another busy week. Have a good one everyone!! Hugs and kisses.

Friday, October 2, 2015


Two weeks ago, while I cheered on Erik at a soccer game, Pedar and Casey woke up really early and went to Oak Park to volunteer for the Paint the Town event, sponsored by NeighborWorks.

Over 150 volunteers painted, repaired and landscaped 10 homes in South Oak Park. NeighborWorks offers education, affordable lending and other services to promote home ownership, particularly in low-income areas. 

Pedar and Casey worked on a landscaping project. It was really hot and dirty work, but they made a big difference in the yard by the end of the day. Pedar was very proud of Casey. He would tell him to go sit down and rest in the shade, but after two minutes Casey would get back up, move rocks and help put plants in the ground. 

Digging in dry, clay soil, feels a bit like trying to dig in cement. The drought has made most yards so hard. 

The best part, Casey was proud of the work they accomplished. He said, "Mom, her yard looks so much better and she was so happy!" 

Today, Pedar is helping take fifth graders to Ancil Hoffman to work on another community project. They are helping clean up Effie Yeaw Nature Center. 

I'm grateful that our jobs and Mission Avenue Open Elementary School provide so many wonderful volunteering opportunities. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Send us the wisdom and courage so we can heal

I am terribly saddened by the shooting that happened today at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. 

Feeling safe is everything and this feeling is being erased from our communities. I AM SO SICK OF FEELING SAD ABOUT SOMETHING THAT SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN!!!!!!

I think we need to talk more about mental illness. So many  mental illness behaviors cause serious problems with relationships and work. So many young people are discarded by family and friends because they just can't handle them anymore. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate as much as 25 percent of the American population has some form of mental illness. 

We raise money for so many worthy causes. People with mental illnesses are worth helping too. We don't like to talk about the family members and neighbors that have anxiety, depression, social disorders or mood swings. We don't like the homeless, we don't want them in our neighborhoods.We just don't know what to do when it is hard to help someone. We need to talk about what has worked to help those with mental illness so we can try and find the answers to prevent these horrific events. We can learn what to do. We can make a difference. 

Beautiful prayer by Glennon Doyle Melton:

"God, hold close the mothers, fathers, grandparents, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, and friends waiting for news about their Oregon beloveds. Send peace to the terrified. Send comfort to the mourning. Send miracles to the wounded. Send strength and courage to the first responders. Send healing to the witnesses. Send tenderness and brokenheartedness to the rest of us. Only the next of kin get the terrible call- but we are all kin. We belong to each other, so we are all called to respond. Send us the wisdom and courage we need to heal this country. God Bless Oregon, and God bless us all."