Monday, October 5, 2015

Art Shop

We had a fun Sunday. We went to St. John's service and enjoyed breakfast with family at Crepeville. We stopped by and visited with Kealii, Claire and Kekoa after that for awhile. We then got home and filled our five green waste bins with Sycamore leaves. The trees are gorgeous, but man, the leaves create havoc on our allergies. 

Casey helped us with the leaves in the front yard. He is trying to earn money for a very specific toy. Oliver and Erik decided to create an Art Shop. They set up tables and chairs and waited patiently for someone to come by. They had HUGE dreams of selling their art for $10. I tried to tell them they should just ask for a donation. The money could go to Juvenile Diabetes  and Pediatric Cancer. They did get two donations, so they were very pleased. It was fun watching the boys work so well together to create art and bring the tables and chairs out. These two buddies are so sweet together. 

Their artwork was really bright and beautiful.
Later, after we closed down the Art shop, Pedar made delicious steak salads and we took Curly on a walk around the neighborhood. We then just cleaned up and prepared for another busy week. Have a good one everyone!! Hugs and kisses.

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